Pick the Right Bike Trainer for You

Robbie_McEwen_2006_Bay_Cycling_Classic_1Cycling is a great option if you a looking for a sport to pick to get in shape and become a healthier, happier you.  If you do go this route it is important to recognize that you will need some equipment to get started on your journey to become a cyclist.  First and foremost, you will want to find a quality bicycle for your riding.  You will need to decide if you want a road bike, mountain bike, or a combination of the two.  Some popular brands that you can choose from include Trek, Giant, and Cannondale.  However, once your begin riding you will realize that on somedays it is not possible to get out on the road due to the weather or due to a time crunch.  This is where a quality bike trainer becomes critical to your riding.

What Type of Bike Trainer to Get?

There are three main types of stationary bike stands to choose from: magnetic, fluid, and wind.  Magnetic bike stands are the most common bike stand to choose from and the most affordable trainer option.  If you go to Amazon you will quickly see there are tons of magnetic bike trainers available ranging from $50-$300+.

Fluid trainers are the second most common bike trainer and often more expensive due to their increased complexity and a performance that more closely mimics riding on the road.  Some of the brand leaders in fluid bike stands include CycleOps and Kurt by Kinetic.  If you value performance over value then we suggest purchasing a fluid bike trainer.

Lastly, wind trainers and the least common type of stationary bike stand.  These use a series of blades that buffer the air which with increased speed create resistance giving you a realistic riding experience.  CycleOps has the most popular wind trainer.  Read more about this bike stand here.

Price, Price, Price

As with a lot of sports equipment, stationary bike stands can vary in price greatly.  If you want the cheapest stand money can buy, then you should look in the direction of magnetic bike trainers.  They begin at a price point around $50.  However, if you want a more road like riding experience then it is easy to find trainers that will be over the $250 that offer top notch features and quality components.

In the End It is Up to You

So, which stationary bike stand should you choose?  Well, that is a choice that you will have to make.  Think about the type of cycling you do.  Are you a competitive cyclist, or do you ride for recreation and exercise?  What is your budget?  These are questions you should be asking yourself when making the decision on a bike trainer.  Here is another article that we hope will make your decision a little easier.  Whatever stand you choose for your home just be sure to keep riding and getting exercise as your body and mind will thank you for the time you invest in the physical activity.

Find Your Favorite Sport

clinicsAs individuals we all have different interests and things that we are good at.  Some of us excel at academics, art, or music.  There are also a select few who are gifted athletes.  No matter what interests and strengths you have you should also consider finding at least one sport which you enjoy on a regular basis.  While some of us may not lead very active lifestyles, becoming more active will benefit you in ways that you may not have imagined possible.

Let’s take a moment to talk about a couple of the most popular sport choices for recreational athletes today: running and cycling.  Running is likely the least expensive and simplest sport that you can get involved in.  Buy running shoes, put on shorts, and get going.  Many would be runners give up before truly recognizing how awesome a good run can be for the body and mind.  Give it at least a month’s time running every other day before deciding whether to continue or to try something else.  Remember it is not a race, just a run!  If you are ready to give it a try then make sure to pick up some running shoes on the cheap.

Cycling is another great cardiovascular sport that will test your body’s limits.  To get started with cycling it will cost a bit more as you will need to purchase a bicycle if you do not have one handy.  Another important purchase would be to pick up a bike trainer.  These stationary bike trainers will allow you to get your ride done indoors when time or weather are not cooperating.  We would recommend the Cyclops Fluid 2 if you do choose to buy a stand for your home.  We also suggest not purchasing a new bicycle if you already have one until you decide that cycling is your new go to sport.

While running and cycling are quite popular for weekend warriors they certainly are not our only choices.  Other great sports that will give a nice cardiovascular workout include soccer, tennis, golf (walking), and basketball.  Many of these sports have leagues and groups that play regularly which will also help you to meet new people and become more involved with your community.  We suggest checking craigslist to find a group near you.

As you can see getting into a sport that you may have never known you enjoyed can be easier than you think.  It will simply take some effort on your part and quite possibly a little shopping for some new gear (which is fun anyway!).  A final note, if you are unsure of what sport is for you, write down a list of possible sports you may have an interest and try each of them out!  You will quickly get a feel for each one and whether or not they are right for you.  Once you have it nailed down it is then time to get fit and get moving with the new activity of your choice.  Good luck with your new found hobby!